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BGC-IGC Consortium

BGC-IGC Consortium

BGC-IGC Consortium is one of the fastest growing and most diversified business conglomerates in Pakistan, which is local in origin but global in outlook with a strong international presence in the Gulf region and North America.

From real estate development to construction; education to technology; marketing to sales; retial to food; travels to automobiles; fashion to media, BGC-IGC Consortium is redefining the culture of business in Pakistan by setting unparalleled standards of integrity, commitment, professionalism and service delivery.

Blue World City is a flagship project of BGC-IGC Consortium. The community lifestyle project has been started with a view to provide a world-class lifestyle at affordable rates to the people of Pakistan including expat Pakistanis, living overseas. The project also aims to boost the tourism by establishing world-class tourist destinations including Burj Al Arab, Blue Mosque, Rumi Square, Horse Mascots (world’s tallest) and Water Theme Park.

Driven by a passion to propel the national economy by creating opportunities for collaborations, entrepreneurship and employment, BGC-IGC Consortium is thriving on individual talents delivering beyond personal expectations in an organizational culture that is intently focused on collective growth.

BGC-IGC Consortium operates with a belief that private sector has to play its role in uplifting communities by supporting the government and undertaking its own initiatives to solve a multitude of problems being faced by the public in a developing country like Pakistan. Therefore, the group is playing its role in addressing the severe housing crisis in Pakistan through its Chhat Project which is a low-cost housing project for the working class, a chain of soup kitchens, education and healthcare initiatives as well as mass marriages for underprivileged families who cannot afford the cost of marriages.


To contribute our bit towards achieving socioeconomic parity for Pakistan by engaging resident and nonresident Pakistanis in positive economic activities for individual growth and collective prosperity.


To refine and redefine the paradigm of corporate culture and service delivery in Pakistan by setting new standards of professionalism, integrity and inclusiveness to deliver top-quality projects, services and solutions with a fine balance between quality and economy to offer the best value to our diversified clientele.


Benevolence to build an enlightened, empowered and egalitarian society.
Growth as the ultimate objective of all our individual and collective endeavors.
Integrity in our internal and external dealings to build sustained relationships.
Commitment to ensure timely delivery and optimum quality for greater client loyalty.


General Block

General Block Immaculately designed General Block offers a complete living experience…

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Overseas Block

Overseas Block The overseas block at Blue World City is designed…

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Sports Valley

Sports Valley Blue World City has introduced an all-embracing “Sports Valley”…

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Waterfront District

Waterfront District The waterfront district is the “Pakistan’s First Real Waterfront…

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Hollywood Block

Hollywood Block Enter the spectacular world of elegance and class, where…

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Awami Block

Awami Block Awami block is a sincere effort to address the…

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Awami Residential Complex

Shoulder-to-shoulder with the Prime Minister of Pakistan and his vision of…

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Blue Hills Country Farms

Blue Hills Country Farms, at Blue World City brings to life…

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Blue World Trade Center

BGC-IGC Consortium takes business to the next level with Pakistan’s first…

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Blue Town with Smart City Features

Blue Town with Smart City Features and Canal Road access, is…

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Orbital Apartments

Orbital Apartments at Blue World City feature a premium lifestyle. If…

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Blue World Economic Zone

Blue World Economic Zone is an ideal concept in Pakistan, particularly…

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Commercial Area

Commercial Area at Blue World City is centrally located on the…

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PIA Cooperative Housing Society

Founded as a cooperative society formed for by the officers of…

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Smart City

Smart City, a Joint Venture Project of Mokal Housing and Blue…

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Urban Canal City

Urban Canal City has an idyllic landscape in sync with the…

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Regal City

Regal City is a stretch of pure green land with a…

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